(S) Expo Appeal


(S) APPEAL EXPO 2015 is an App dedicated to all the people of the Expo who want to become for a while also people of Milan. It has the ambition to work as a hybrid vehicle: useful and fast as a classic guide but also a reading of discovery and entertainment about the city. The desires and their showers, fears: these are the materials used to construct the cities in our imagination. So, to avoid getting lost I tried to tell Milan following the simplest routes: thus describing its body, the physical facts through which it manifests: places, restaurants, shops as if they were the nose, the side, the hand of a person.

Milan is ambiguous as the life, so very lively. And never hypocritical. You can do it all: it depends on how much money and how much time you have. But also on how much intelligence and energy, and you know you can spend. This (S) Expo 2015 Appeal cannot give you some more money nor few years less, however, has the ambition to tell a Milan to the maximum rate of Milanese. To love Milan a little bit  and be loved back, you do not need anything else.

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