Stay Genuine

Design and realization of the e-commerce for Stay Genuine. The client’s will was to have a very simple and clean web site, in line with the philosophy behind its brand. Stay Genuine is a new concept brand, who wants to awaken awareness in every human being, promoting and selling products and activities based on the genuinely philosophy. “Stay genuine, live responsibly, aware of your: motion, action, being”
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“schiscetta? yes, but with style!” The idea was born from the Milanese tendency to bring the own lunch from home, to save money and eat healthy at the same time, more and more people nowadays eat in the office. At the beginning milanese used to eat briefly in front of the computer, almost with a sense of guilt. But, in the last years, however, this dynamic has taken more and more foot, and now people are quite proud to bring the so-called “schiscetta” from home. “Schiscettami” wants to claim its right to the lunch box by designing and producing a line of products ad hoc. The first product in production is a place mat, small, practical and fun, to use under the lunch box, who can also contain the cutlery needed. ¬©¬†Schiscettami by Marta Mantovani Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva Salva
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Ride with Style

Ride With Style comes from the need, highlighted by the analysis of the market in the motorcycle industry, to propose different content than those currently on the market, which respond fully to the needs and interests of all motorcyclists, 360 degrees, considering the trends and especially through the invention of a method and the development of innovative tools to convey as best as possible the topics covered. It is an innovative concept for online publishing both in form and in content. Logo
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